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Żyrafy w mieście_acrylic on canvas_100x100cmŻyrafy w mieście_acrylic on canvas_100x100cm To na pewno jest baba_acrylic on canvas_100x100cmTo na pewno jest baba_acrylic on canvas_100x100cm Flower_50x50cm_akrylFlower_50x50cm_akryl bez tytułu_acrylic on canvas_70x70cmbez tytułu_acrylic on canvas_70x70cm Bądź czujny 2_acrylic on canvas_60x60cmBądź czujny 2_acrylic on canvas_60x60cm The war is over got it_acrylic on canvas_70x70cmThe war is over got it_acrylic on canvas_70x70cm Wawa dla słoików_60x60cm_akrylWawa dla słoików_60x60cm_akryl Biiip_40x40cm_akrylBiiip_40x40cm_akryl Transmisja_acrylic on canvas_60x60cmTransmisja_acrylic on canvas_60x60cm Deyna_40x40cm_akrylDeyna_40x40cm_akryl Rider on the storm_40x40cm_akrylRider on the storm_40x40cm_akryl RSVP_acrylic on canvas_40x40cmRSVP_acrylic on canvas_40x40cm