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Podwójny 2_acrylic on canvas_120x100cmPodwójny 2_acrylic on canvas_120x100cm Podwójny 5_akryl, płótno_100x120cmPodwójny 5_akryl, płótno_100x120cm Podwójny_acrylic on canvas_90x100cmPodwójny_acrylic on canvas_90x100cm Stretch 2_acrylic on canvas_110x90cmStretch 2_acrylic on canvas_110x90cm Stretch_acrylic on canvas_110x90cmStretch_acrylic on canvas_110x90cm Black attitude_acrylic on canvas_100x90cmBlack attitude_acrylic on canvas_100x90cm I feel yellow_acrylic on canvas_100xx90cmI feel yellow_acrylic on canvas_100xx90cm Blue velvet_acrylic on canvas_100x90cmBlue velvet_acrylic on canvas_100x90cm White obsession_acrylic on canvas_100x90cmWhite obsession_acrylic on canvas_100x90cm Green room_acrylic on canvas_100x90cmGreen room_acrylic on canvas_100x90cm Pink_acrylic on canvas_100x90cmPink_acrylic on canvas_100x90cm Red label_acrylic on canvas_100x90cmRed label_acrylic on canvas_100x90cm Nie musisz nic mowić_acrylic on canvas_100x120cmNie musisz nic mowić_acrylic on canvas_100x120cm Ikona PopKultury_acrylic on canvas_70x70cmIkona PopKultury_acrylic on canvas_70x70cm Miasto III_acrylic on canvas_70x50cmMiasto III_acrylic on canvas_70x50cm Miasto IV_acrylic on canvas_50x70cmMiasto IV_acrylic on canvas_50x70cm Podwójny 3__acrylic on canvas_100x120cmPodwójny 3__acrylic on canvas_100x120cm Podwójny 4_acrylic on canvas_100x120cmPodwójny 4_acrylic on canvas_100x120cm Sick_acrylic on canvas_100x120cmSick_acrylic on canvas_100x120cm Stretch 3_acrylic on canvas_90x110cmStretch 3_acrylic on canvas_90x110cm Wachlarz_akryl, płótno_100 x90cmWachlarz_akryl, płótno_100 x90cm Wash and go_akryl, płótno_90x100cmWash and go_akryl, płótno_90x100cm Call me_acrylic on canvas_100x120cmCall me_acrylic on canvas_100x120cm Good Morning_acrylic on canvas_100x120cmGood Morning_acrylic on canvas_100x120cm Z cyklu. Miejskie opowieści_acrylic on canvas_50x70cmZ cyklu. Miejskie opowieści_acrylic on canvas_50x70cm