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Can you dance_oil on canvas_110x130cmCan you dance_oil on canvas_110x130cm Jak oni śpiewają_oil on canvas_130x110cmJak oni śpiewają_oil on canvas_130x110cm Nad morzem(fala)_oil on canvas_110x130cmNad morzem(fala)_oil on canvas_110x130cm Nad morzem(wieczor)_oil on canvas_130x110cmNad morzem(wieczor)_oil on canvas_130x110cm Plaża( Turban)_acrylic on canvas_120x100cmPlaża( Turban)_acrylic on canvas_120x100cm Plaża(Zbyszek i Maciek)_acrylic on canvas_120x100cmPlaża(Zbyszek i Maciek)_acrylic on canvas_120x100cm Bieszczady_olejBieszczady_olej Bieszczady II_acrylic on canvas_70x50cmBieszczady II_acrylic on canvas_70x50cm Bieszczady III_acrylic on canvas_70x50cmBieszczady III_acrylic on canvas_70x50cm Bloki_acrylic on canvas_70x50cmBloki_acrylic on canvas_70x50cm Boules_acrylic on canvas_120x100cmBoules_acrylic on canvas_120x100cm Cisza_acrylic on canvas_100x90cmCisza_acrylic on canvas_100x90cm Deptak_acrylic on canvas_80x100cmDeptak_acrylic on canvas_80x100cm Drzewa_acrylic on canvas_50x70cmDrzewa_acrylic on canvas_50x70cm Hula hop_acrylic on canvas_100x120cmHula hop_acrylic on canvas_100x120cm I. Zcyklu. Miejskie opowieści_acrylic on canvas_90x100cmI. Zcyklu. Miejskie opowieści_acrylic on canvas_90x100cm II. Z cyklu. Gry i zabawy_acrylic on canvas_90x100cmII. Z cyklu. Gry i zabawy_acrylic on canvas_90x100cm Mafia_acrylic on canvas_100x100cmMafia_acrylic on canvas_100x100cm Nie musisz nic mowić_acrylic on canvas_120x100cmNie musisz nic mowić_acrylic on canvas_120x100cm PKP 2_acrylic on canvas_100x120cmPKP 2_acrylic on canvas_100x120cm PKP_acrylic on canvas_120x100cmPKP_acrylic on canvas_120x100cm Pokoj_acrylic on canvas_70x50cmPokoj_acrylic on canvas_70x50cm Pole Mokotowskie_oil on canvas_110x130cmPole Mokotowskie_oil on canvas_110x130cm Boisko(Sabi i Zbyszek), oil on canvas, 2008, 110x130cmBoisko(Sabi i Zbyszek), oil on canvas, 2008, 110x130cm Przystanek_olejPrzystanek_olej Spacer 2_acrylic on canvas_70x50cmSpacer 2_acrylic on canvas_70x50cm Spacer_acrylic on canvas_50x70cmSpacer_acrylic on canvas_50x70cm Turn on the radio_acrylic on canvas_100x90cmTurn on the radio_acrylic on canvas_100x90cm W klubie_oil on canvas_130x110cmW klubie_oil on canvas_130x110cm W stylu retro_acrylic on canvas_90x100cmW stylu retro_acrylic on canvas_90x100cm Wernisaż_acrylic on canvas_100x120cmWernisaż_acrylic on canvas_100x120cm Z cyklu. Gry i zabawy_acrylic on canvas_90x110cmZ cyklu. Gry i zabawy_acrylic on canvas_90x110cm Bloki II_acrylic on canvas_50x70cmBloki II_acrylic on canvas_50x70cm Bloki III_acrylic on canvas_50x70cmBloki III_acrylic on canvas_50x70cm Bloki IV_acrylic on canvas_50x70cmBloki IV_acrylic on canvas_50x70cm